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Welcome to The College Tour!

Featuring 10 UC Riverside students sharing their stories, The College Tour is a streaming series focused on colleges and universities across the United States. For its 70th episode, the production crew visited UCR to capture what makes our campus so special.

We know it may not always be feasible to visit a campus in-person, so hopefully these 10 segments can give you a look into the life of current students and show you all the ways UCR supports students.

View the full episode above or individual segments below.


The City of Riverside

Hear from Kaylee about what she loves most about Riverside, what it’s like to be a legacy, and all about the Traditions Keeper program.

Events and Activities

Josh shares his experiences with the Associated Students Program Board, planning huge events for the campus, and other events that students should check out on campus.

Transfer Student Experience

UCR is an excellent choice for transfers. Hear from Valerie about the resources that assisted her transition to UCR, including support as a student parent.

Academic Success and Support

Learn from Susy about all the resources to assist students academically at UCR, including the Academic Resource Center and the Office of Student Engagement.

Research Opportunities

As a Tier 1 research institution, every student (both undergraduate and graduate) has the opportunity to participate in research. Megan walks us through the research that she’s participated in that has helped propel her to a future career.

Global Impact

Marvin, a student originally from Germany, discusses what it’s like being an international student and how the work being done here at UCR ripples all across the globe.

Social Mobility

We learn from Patrick about his journey to medical school and how UCR equipped him to succeed, and how he’s using what he’s learned to benefit his hometown community.

World Class Faculty

UCR has some outstanding faculty, so student Dev shares with us some of his favorites and how easy it is for students to engage with some of the brightest minds in academia.

Finding Community

As one of the most diverse schools in the country, there are many ways for students to find community at UCR. Dewayne shares with us a few communities he’s found, and how those connections helped him flourish academically.

Student Recreation Center

With a state of the art facility, most students would want to take advantage of our Student Recreation Center. Alfred shares with us his favorite things about the SRC and what features incoming students might be interested in.