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University of California, Riverside
Undergraduate Admissions
900 University Ave.
3106 Student Services Building
Riverside, CA 92521

Hours of Operation: Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. (Pacific Time Zone)
Phone: (951) 827-3411 

Meet Your UCR Counselor

Whether you currently live in sunny California, or hope to join us soon, we are here to help you. Our friendly admission counselors will answer your questions and help you apply — no matter where you are in the world!


Admissions Counselors

Andrej Molchan

Assistant Director of High School Recruitment and Evaluation
(951) 827-3678

Jessica Verazas

Assistant Director of Transfer Recruitment and Evaluation
(951) 827-7689

Edward Barrera

Admissions Counselor
(951) 827-0673

Jesse Cruz

Admissions Counselor
(951) 827-4189

Maria Flores

Senior Evaluation & Athletic Specialist

Cesar Gonzalez Vargas

Admissions Counselor

Alexzander LeSueur

Admissions Counselor
(951) 827-2776

Diana Medina

Admissions Specialist
(951) 827-2382

Savannah Richardson

Admissions Counselor
(951) 827-5594

Kaisha Ross

Admissions Counselor
(951) 827-6401

Maricela Solano

Admissions Counselor
(951) 827-

Camilla Valadez

Admissions Counselor
(951) 827-0672

Fryda Zaldivar Mier

Admissions Counselor
(951) 827-4445



Transfer Counselors

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For International and Out-of-State Students


Assistant Director of International and Out-of-State Recruitment and Evaluation

Max Traylor

International and Out of State Admissions Specialist, Pacific Northwest Region
(951) 827-7229
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Gabriel Hernandez

International and Out-of-State Admissions Specialist
(951) 827-5492
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Also speaks: Spanish

David Dai

Associate Director, International Recruitment
+1 (951) 827-4896
Also speaks: Mandarin

Ashley Swengler

International, and Out-of-State Admissions Specialist East Coast Regional (951) 827-1012
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Jiaxin (Jenny) Deng

International Program Specialist
+1 (951) 827-4113
Also speaks: Mandarin

Aastha Chhikara

India Regional International Recruitment Advisor
Also speaks: Hindi



For Military/Veteran Students

Tami Thacker

Veterans Services Coordinator
(951) 827-2099

Blason Taon

VA School Certifying Official/Financial Aid
(951) 827-6162



Undergraduate Admissions Leadership

Veronica Zendejas

Undergraduate Admissions Director


Debbie Jaurigue

Associate Director of Recruitment and Evaluation
(951) 827-3893


Associate Director



Black/African American Recruitment

Savannah Richardson

BAAR Admissions Recruiter
(951) 827-5594

Alexzander LeSueur

BAAR Recruitment Counselor
(951) 827-2776