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UCR Hosts Two-Week College-Prep Course for Black Women

Registration is open now for a two-week program (June 21-July 1) where Black women in high school or community college can learn skills, gain mentorship, and become prepared to succeed in a college environment.
By Undergraduate Admissions |

UC Riverside is partnering with the 25x25 Project to offer a two-week in-person workshop series for young Black women in grades 9-12 or enrolled at a community college. The program is from June 21-July 1 and takes place on the UCR campus. Interested women are expected to attend all days of the program during those two weeks.

Some topics of special interest include:

  • Gaining effective leadership skills
  • Conquering self-limiting beliefs
  • Enhancing constructive decision-making skills
  • Setting goals with passion and purpose
  • Building healthy relationships
  • Special workshops about joining the UCR family, courtesy of Undergraduate Admissions and Financial Aid

The main objective is to prepare African American female scholars for enrollment into UCR and empower them to succeed and mature into dependable and empowered adults, inside a learning environment that promotes college readiness, higher education, social emotional learning, leadership development, and female empowerment. Program alumni who attend UC Riverside will also have the chance to remain connected to their peers throughout their time at the university, along with meeting new cohort members each year.

Space is limited, so sign up now. Registration closes June 1. There is a $25 registration fee, but the workshops are otherwise free of charge.

For questions or to inquire about financially sponsoring a student, email

The 25x25 Project Program Sponsors: African Student Programs Department at UCR, Riverside University Health Systems and African Americans Family Wellness Group, Simple Solutions Psychotherapy and Data Driven Educators.