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College of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences


Don’t Just Study History. Make History.

Create financial forecasts (Economics). Immerse yourself in vast cultures (Languages and Literatures). Understand and predict the behavior of others (Psychology). And so much more. Our 50+ majors — taught by world-renowned faculty at the College of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences (CHASS) — will help you to impact future generations!



Undergraduate Research

We put research in your hands.


UCR offers research opportunities to all undergraduate students! This advantage catapults you to the “top of the list” for jobs and/or graduate school. Current CHASS research includes: 

  • Exploring the “double coming-out” experience for queer-undocumented immigrants
  • Examining eye gazing patterns in children who face anxiety
  • Awakening the “sleeping” language of a Native American tribe — thanks to a $150,000 grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF)
Daria Kudryavtseva

“[UCR] is more than just a learning experience. Here, you can become a true scholar, a passionate thinker engaged in the world of like-minded people. Acknowledge your potential and give yourself a chance to have a journey worth being proud of.”

Daria Kudryavtseva
Economics Major

Earning Potential with a CHASS Bachelor's Degree


  Early Career Pay Mid-Career Pay
Economics  $57,100 $105,700
Theatre & Drama Studies  $42,400 $79,800
History & Political Science $47,100 $77,000
Journalism $42,600 $75,800
Creative Writing $42,100 $69,900
Sociology $42,600 $66,200
Music $40,000 $65,500
Fine Arts $39,200 $64,000
Art History $42,900 $63,300

Based on national averages. Higher earning potential with advanced degrees. (PayScale National College Salary Report, 2017)



CHASS offers department-specific internships to put your learning into practice. You could earn course/service credit and maybe even a paycheck!

Steven Cabral Ballesteros - Sociology Major

“At UCR, everyone is kind and welcoming. I chose UCR over all my other options because of their willingness to assist me in accomplishing my academic goals.”

Steven Cabral Ballesteros
Sociology Major

High-Profile Companies Hire CHASS Graduates

CHASS graduates go on to write international best-selling novels, create Thai royal music, receive honors as dance professors and choreographers, mentor youths, and so much more! 

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A UC Degree Is More Affordable Than You Might Think




of UCR undergraduate students received some form of financial aid.




of UCR transfer students received some form of financial aid.




of students' financial aid need was met with need-based aid. 

(Financial Aid Office, 2018–19)

Let us show you how:

CHASS Scholarships

Freshman and transfer students could qualify for a CHASS scholarship.

National Prestigious Scholarships and Awards (NPSA)

Freshman and transfer UCR students can fund their education with prestigious scholarships, such as the Donald A. Strauss Scholarship and the Undergraduate Fulbright Scholars (Research and English Teaching Award). Support is offered throughout the application process. UCR regional and national scholarships are also available via Financial Aid's Outside Agency Scholarship Search.

M = Academic minors are also available for these majors.

T = Transfer Selecting major. If applying as a transfer student, specific pre-requisite courses must be completed.


Undecided? We Can Help!

CHASS helps students successfully transition into a major field of study that is consistent with their aptitudes, values and goals.

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Take a Tour of CHASS

Journey through historic libraries, lively lecture halls and inspiring studios.

Notable Facts


An silhouette of a woman in a long dress dancing with her arms raised

CHASS’ Dance Department offers a full spectrum of degrees.

An infographic of an open book followed by 1st

UC Campus to Offer a
Native American History Ph.D.

Both sides of the Pulitzer Prize are displayed side by side
3 Pulitzer Prize-Winners

Alumni and 2 U.S. Poets Laureate
(Faculty and Alumni) Are From CHASS

An image of graphic of CHASS 60+ majors

Award-Winning Faculty

We’ll Help Your Dreams Come True


Faculty member Nalo Hopkinson

Professor of Creative Writing

Won a Comic-Con Inkpot Award for her contributions to science fiction, including creating “House of Whispers,” part of Neil Gaiman’s “The Sandman Universe.”

Faculty member John Jennings

Professor of Media and Cultural Studies

Won an Eisner Award for his co-creation of “Kindred,” a graphic novel adaptation of Octavia E. Butler’s work. As part of duo Black Kirby, he has created art on the evolution of Luke Cage and is poised to run comic imprint “Megascope,” by and about people of color.


Success Programs

Every program is designed to help you succeed — from the moment you first step on campus to the day you graduate.

FR Freshman Students    TR Transfer Students

CHASS F1RST: First-Year Experience Programs 


(Mandatory for freshman students)
CHASS F1RST’s Learning Communities guarantee courses and credit. Enrollment may be automatic, depending on your major.

Fall Transitions

(Fall quarter program for all majors, except Undeclared and Pre-Business)
Enjoy major-specific learning communities to help you succeed at UCR. Gain access to highly desirable, large-lecture courses, such as psychology, economics, art and more. Discuss material in small groups.

CHASS Connect

(A yearlong program for all majors, except Undeclared and Pre-Business)
Boost your academic success and social enrichment in this national award-winning program. This themed learning community provides students with an interdisciplinary education by examining a theme through different disciplines. Engage with faculty, teaching assistants and peer educators.

Pre-Business PATH

(A yearlong program for Pre-Business majors)
Get to know other business-oriented classmates. Develop the necessary skills and networks to be successful in business. Take part in a 2-unit workshop taught by peer educators.

Exploratory Scholars

(For Undeclared majors)
Explore a variety of disciplines with courses in psychology, media & cultural studies, anthropology, ethnic studies and sociology. Includes a 2-unit student success workshop led by an academic adviser and peer educators. Build time management skills and identify a major of interest. Learn about career options and find out what requirements are needed for graduation.

Transfers F1RST Program 


(For incoming transfer students)
Learn about essential resources for academic/professional goals. Connect with transfer mentors and attend Transfers F1RST workshops.

HASS 001 Workshop: Step-by-Step to College Success

(For incoming transfer students)
Take a 2-unit fall lecture course taught by faculty. Discussion sections led by peer mentors (current transfer students). Topics are specific to the needs of transfer students, including:

  • Third- and fourth-year academic plans
  • Student success skills (critical thinking, study, writing and communication)
  • Undergraduate research opportunities
  • Internships and study abroad opportunities
  • How becoming a campus leader applies to real life
  • Graduate school preparation
  • Career-planning resources and services

Two male students and two students sit at a small table with books and paper.

Transfer students who took HASS 001 had significantly higher GPAs during their first year than those who did not.
(CHASS Study of Cohorts, 2014–15)

Student Spotlight


Student Alondra Marquez Carter

Sociology and French

“My favorite thing about being a CHASS student is understanding how beautifully all of its disciplines overlap … CHASS causes its students to acquire a holistic understanding of human matters, creating well-rounded scholars with a solid foundation to tackle myriad individual or societal issues...”

Student Sukhmeen Kaur Kahlon

Political Science, and Law and Society

“Being a CHASS student means constantly rethinking the structures and systems we have always considered normal. My dream is to be an attorney who uplifts the community, advocates for the marginalized and works to dismantle oppressive institutions.”

Student Justin Domecillo


“Before CHASS, I wasn’t able to discuss, research, or write about queer topics that I loved, but here I’ve been given resources and opportunities to contribute my own voice in academia and to join conversations that have been otherwise silencing.”

Student Daria Kudryavtseva


“[UCR] is more than just a learning experience. Here, you can become a true scholar, a passionate thinker engaged in the world of like-minded people. Acknowledge your potential and give yourself a chance to have a journey worth being proud of.”

CHASS Alumni

Join Us in Making Global Impacts


Alumni Nwaka Onwusa
NWAKA ONWUSA ’08 (Sociology)

Serves as the director of curatorial affairs for the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, Ohio.

The daughter of a Nigerian immigrant, Onwusa is the first person in her family to attend college.

Alumni Anthea M. Hartig
ANTHEA M. HARTIG ’89 (Public History) ’01 (American Architectural History and Material Culture Studies)

The first woman to serve as director of the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History in Washington, D.C.

Two beds on either side of a decorated dorm room
On-Campus Housing for Freshman CHASS Students

Live, learn and make memories in the CHASS Living-Learning Community. Residents usually share the same major and class schedule. Includes ongoing social activities and a resident adviser who is enrolled in CHASS.

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Career Center

Get help with career success.


UCR’s Career Center — and Virtual Career Center — offers full-service counseling and resources, regardless of major or class level.


  • Career and graduate/professional school planning
  • Job/internship search strategies and database
  • Skill-building workshops, employer information sessions and panel discussions
  • 11 fairs, including the Graduate and Professional School Information Day, and the Spring Job Fair: Career Night
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An advertisement for Career Night: The Spring Job Fair.