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School of Medicine

School of Medicine

As a UCR School of Medicine student, you will expand and diversify the much-needed physician workforce in the Inland Empire of Southern California. UCR’s new School of Medicine is a community-based medical school with a social mission to develop research and programs that will improve the health of underserved populations living in this region.

Discover healthcare innovations as a Biomedical Scientist. Make a difference in county hospital-based family medicine clinics as a Resident. Provide compassionate and effective patient care as a Doctor of Medicine (M.D.). 

UCR School of Medicine graduates go on to work in the fields of biomedical science, pediatrics, family medicine, general internal medicine, obstetrics and gynecology, general surgery and psychiatry.

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An undergraduate degree (not necessarily a science degree) is needed to apply. The UCR School of Medicine values diverse intellectual and life experiences as well as extensive academic backgrounds. You can take advantage of UCR’s broad range of undergraduate programs, or complete your undergraduate work elsewhere.

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Undergraduate UCR students get a jumpstart on their careers with the following:

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Discover the first public medical school on the West Coast in more than 40 years.


Fun Facts

1st public medical school on the West Coast in more than 40 years.

public medical school on the West Coast in more than 40 years.

6th School of Medicine in the University of California system.

School of Medicine in the University of California system.

FastStart Program

is a 5-week intensive for incoming UCR freshmen who aspire to medical/science-based careers.

7 Residency Training Programs

7 Residency Training Programs are sponsored by the UCR School of Medicine.

In the Spotlight

“I am overjoyed to be at a medical school with a mission that is so aligned with my values. In applying to medical schools, I prioritized a supportive environment that would nurture my point of view. The UCR School of Medicine has more than delivered.”

- Annie Le, Student

“Hearing people’s stories and illnesses, and working with them to make them feel better, is really rewarding. It feels like I’m a doctor before I really am one.”

- Rafael Ornelas, Student

“The mission of the UCR School of Medicine is training a diverse physician workforce and developing programs in research and clinical care to serve these populations aligns with my passion and my values. I have advocated for progress on these issues throughout my career.”

- Deborah Deas, Dean of the UCR School of Medicine

“In my experience, language barriers often lead to disparities in care. In an area with such a large percentage of Spanish-only speaking individuals, this is a big issue. The UCR School of Medicine provides students like myself the opportunity to address these issues and bring about change.”

- Madeline Mullen, Student

Notable Alumni

Award-Winning Faculty


Seema Tiwari-Woodruff
Seema Tiwari-Woodruff
Associate Professor of Biomedical Sciences

Tiwari-Woodruff is developing drug compounds to battle multiple sclerosis.

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Monica Carson
Monica Carson
Professor and Chair of Biomedical Sciences

Using Microglia as Biosensors and Bioeffectors of Brain Health.

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Devin Binder
Devin Binder
Associate Professor in Residence

Binder’s lab has discovered that brain swelling can be detected much earlier than currently possible.

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Maurizio Pellecchia
Maurizio Pellecchia
Professor of Biomedical Sciences

Pellecchia's research includes creation and evaluation of pharmacological tools to treat diseases including cancer and neurodegeneration using innovative drug discovery approaches.

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Gerald Maguire
Gerald Maguire
Professor and Chair of Psychiatry

Maguire studies medical treatments of stuttering and the pharmacologic treatment of schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, major depressive disorder and Alzheimer's dementia.

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Byron D. Ford
Byron D. Ford
Professor of Biomedical Sciences

Ford researches the cellular and molecular mechanisms involved in stroke and acute brain injuries.

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National Median Salary

Discover how much you can earn with a UCR School of Medicine degree.

2017-2018 PayScale National College Salary Report
Based on national averages. Higher earning potential with advanced degrees.


Salary Potential
Surgeon (general) $255,645
Oncologist $250,176
Cardiologist $233,929
Emergency Physician $206,798
Obstetrician/Gynecologist $205,427
Neurologist $205,358
Psychiatrist $195,703
Internist $183,682
Family Medicine Doctor $175,615
Pediatrics Doctor $146,765
Biomedical Scientist $61,824