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College of Natural and Agricultural Sciences

College of Natural and Agricultural Sciences (CNAS)

As a CNAS student, you will deepen your knowledge of the universe and improve the quality of life for inhabitants of the state, nation and world.

Analyze data to solve real-world problems as a Statistics major. Understand chemical reactions in the body as a Biochemistry major. Or identify and prevent disruption to the earth's systems and species as an Environmental Science major. Other majors include Microbiology, Physics and Entomology.

CNAS graduates go on to influence the pharmaceutical and plastics industries, manage space missions for NASA and the Jet Propulsion Lab, work as a Supervisory Scientist at the Naval Surface Warfare Center (NSWC), track oil spills in the world's oceans, and win the Nobel Prize.

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M = Academic minors are also available for these majors.
T = Transfer Selecting major. If applying as a Transfer student, specific pre-requisite courses must be completed.

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The College of Natural and Agricultural Sciences (CNAS) helps students successfully transition
into a major field of study that is consistent with their aptitudes, values and goals.

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Fun Facts

1,000 acres serve as a real-life laboratory for plant research.

acres serve as a real-life laboratory for plant research.

70,000 galaxies

galaxies are examined by UCR astronomers to address an unsolved astrophysics mystery.

1/2 Research

of all CNAS undergraduates engage in research outside of coursework.
(Many co-author research papers!)

17 Undergraduate Majors

CNAS undergraduate majors offer 29 options/tracks.

In the Spotlight


“I feel like I wouldn’t have become the person I am today if it was not for this school, and the amazing peers that I have met here.”

- Melanie Liu, '14 

“UCR is more than a school. It is a family full of people who share a common goal of love and service to our community. If I had to choose a university to attend all over again, UCR will always be my number one choice.”

- “Rocky” Peter Ajoku, ’13 

“Both the students and faculty are very friendly and always willing to help. UCR offers incredible resources and programs; all you have to do is look for them and reach out.”

- Jennifer Avila, '16

Notable Alumni

Award-Winning Faculty


Michael Pirrung
Michael Pirrung
Distinguished Professor of Chemistry

Pirrung has developed a promising new compound to treat kidney cancer.

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Akua Asa-Awuku
Akua Asa-Awuku
Assistant Professor of Chemical & Environmental Engineering

Asa-Awuku improves air quality, which affects cloud formation and global climate change.

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Mary Lu Arpaia
Mary Lu Arpaia
Assistant Professor of Chemical & Subtropical Horticulturist

Arpaia works to enhance avocado consumption and to sustain the California avocado industry.

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Philip Roberts
Philip Roberts
Professor of Nematology

Roberts works to improve the productivity and nutritional quality of cowpeas for communities around the world.

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Timothy Lyons
Timothy Lyons
Distinguished Professor of Biogeochemistry

Lyons uses exo-planet research to seek evidence of life on other planets.

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Yinsheng Wang
Yinsheng Wang
Professor of Chemistry

Wang uses chemistry and biology to develop new cancer treatments.

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Highest-Paying Bachelor Degrees

Discover how much you can earn with a bachelor degree from CNAS.

2017-2018 PayScale National College Salary Report
Based on national averages. Higher earning potential with advanced degrees.


Salary Potential
  Early Career Pay Mid-Career Pay
Physics $55,100 $108,000
Statistics $57,400 $97,500
Mathematics $54,000 $95,700
Chemistry $45,700 $83,000
Biochemistry $44,700 $83,000
Microbiology $44,600 $79,300
Biological Sciences $42,900 $79,200
Environmental Science $43,300 $77,000


Video: Our Favorite Faculty - Morris Maduro and Farhad Ghamsari

Our Favorite Faculty - Morris Maduro and Farhad Ghamsari

Video: The Center for Invasive Species

UCR: Living the Promise - Sustainability (Center for Invasive Species Research)