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College of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences (CHASS)

College of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences (CHASS)

As a CHASS student, you will explore human meaning in social and historical contexts.

Create financial forecasts as an Economics major. Immerse yourself in vast cultures as a Languages and Literatures major. Or understand and predict the behavior of others as a Psychology major. Other majors include Ethnic Studies, Political Science and Anthropology.

CHASS graduates go on to sit on the board of the Toyota USA Foundation, create Thai royal music, receive honors as dance professors and choreographers, mentor youths, report for the Los Angeles Times, write international bestselling novels, and win the Pulitzer Prize.

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M = Academic minors are also available for these majors.
T = Transfer Selecting major. If applying as a Transfer student, specific pre-requisite courses must be completed.

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The College of Humanities, Arts, and Social Science (CHASS) helps students successfully transition
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Fun Facts

The most diverse student body at UCR.

The most diverse student
body at UCR.

50+ Majors offered in CHASS

majors offered in CHASS.

12+ research centers in CHASS

research centers

3 venues make up UCR/Riverside's ARTSblock: a photography museum, art gallery and multi-disciplinary center.

3 venues make up UCR/Riverside's downtown ARTSblock: a photography museum, art gallery and multi-disciplinary center.

In the Spotlight


“I feel like I wouldn’t have become the person I am today if it was not for this school, and the amazing peers that I have met here.”

- Melanie Liu, '14

“UCR is more than a school. It is a family full of people who share a common goal of love and service to our community. If I had to choose a university to attend all over again, UCR will always be my number one choice.”

- “Rocky” Peter Ajoku, ’13

“Both the students and faculty are very friendly and always willing to help. UCR offers incredible resources and programs; all you have to do is look for them and reach out.”

- Jennifer Avila, '16

Notable Alumni

Award-Winning Faculty


 Howard S. Friedman
Howard S. Friedman
Distinguished Professor of Psychology

Friedman unfolds the secrets of a long life, with results grounded in personality and health psychology research.

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Sonja Lyubomirsky
Sonja Lyubomirsky
Professor of Psychology

Lyubomirsky researches “How and why can people learn to lead happier and more flourishing lives?”

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T.S. Harvey
T.S. Harvey
Associate Professor of Anthropology

Harvey looks for new ways of communicating scientific and medical information to indigenous communities.

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Sara Mednick
Sara Mednick
Assistant Professor of Psychology

Mednick studies the neural mechanisms of learning and memory, a field focused on sleep.

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Khaleel A. Razak
Khaleel A. Razak
Associate Professor of Psychology

Razak finds behavioral or pharmacological therapies that prevent brain changes affecting hearing loss.

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Aaron Seitz
Aaron Seitz
Professor of Psychology

Seitz’s next-generation “brain game” technology improves vision through brain training. 

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Highest-Paying Bachelor Degrees

Discover how much you can earn with a bachelor degree from CHASS. 

2017-2018 PayScale National College Salary Report
Based on national averages. Higher earning potential with advanced degrees.


Salary Potential
  Early Career Pay Mid-Career Pay
Economics $53,900 $100,000
Journalism $40,400 $83,000
History & Political Science $44,500 $76,000
Theatre & Drama Studies $40,400 $72,300 
Creative Writing $38,900 $65,900
Art History $40,800 $63,300
Fine Arts $38,400 $62,500
Music $38,300 $58,300
Psychology $37,800 $57,200