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At UC Riverside, you will be surrounded by the most diverse, talented and driven students in the world. In fact, we are consistently ranked as one of the most diverse universities in the nation because our students come from multiple cultures, socioeconomic backgrounds and parts of the world.

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Student Profile - Roqui Liao

“UCR is the platform for you to excel. It truly caters to your needs, and provides you with leadership opportunities. And most importantly, you are surrounded in a family-like environment. Keep your arms open for what UC Riverside has to offer!”


Ruoqi Liao
Business Administration
Home Country: Chengdu, China


Have Fun. Meet Friends. Create Lasting Memories.

Our signature music festivals, talented sports teams, and one-of-a-kind student organizations all contribute to the excitement that permeates UCR. No matter what your background or interests are, UCR has something for you! See all that you have to look forward to.



Highlanders are driven by heart. They give back. They do good in the world.

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UC Riverside is highly ranked and
highly respected around the world.

“…(UC Riverside Students are) as bright and engaged as any students I’ve taught at Harvard or Berkeley, and also determined to give back to their communities and their society. UCR has the energy of an underdog that knows it’s winning the race that’s worth winning. I wish we could clone UCR all over America.”

Robert B. Reich (UC Berkeley professor, Former
U.S. Secretary of Labor, Best-selling author)